About Viniyoga

Viniyoga is a breath centric lineage of yoga that integrates body, breath and mind through practicing: 

1. Function over Form

2. Repetition and Stay

3. Breath and Adaptation and

4. The Art and Science of Sequencing 

While practicing Viniyoga, we explore awareness and how a posture feels in your body rather than achieving a perfect form.  We always go in and out of a pose prior to staying so that the body can warm and adjust. Each movement is coordinated with the breath to receive its most effective physiological response. Adaptations or modifications are made to breath or movement in order to achieve the goals of each individual. This lineage of yoga can be very powerful physically, mentally, and emotionally by tapping into your nervous system through specific breathing techniques and targeted movement in and around the spine. Viniyoga takes a holistic meditative approach to practice and can provide many healing benefits. Your teacher creates the sequences (combinations of postures, breath, and meditation) with your energetic, physical, mental or emotional requests as the focal point of the class. Katie teaches as an aid to your goals, so that you may discover more about your self to help maintain and nourish the body, breath, mind and spirit.